RVA Represent

When I say "Richmond" what is the first thing that comes to mind? Here's what I usually hear: Confederates, cigarettes, and "doesn't I-95 run right through it?".

Not exactly the most flattering picture. But I'm here to tell you that yes, Richmond may be the home of the biggest cigarette company in the world and the former capital of the Confederacy, but it's so much more than that!

These are some of my favorite Richmond things.

Monument Avenue


Richmond Symphony

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts


Richmond Flying Squirrels

State Capitol Building

The Byrd Theater

Can-Can Brasserie

Belmont Pizzeria

Dixie Donuts


Cordial Cricket


  1. YES, Stella's, Maymont, VMFA, Can Can, love this list! It's like we're twins separated at birth.

  2. The more I read your blog today, the more I agree! It's kind of freaky,a ctually. And of course, we are also both named Kathryn/erine. WEIRD!