Sunday, November 15, 2015

Richmond Marathon Photologue

There WILL be an entry (oh yes, there will!). But for now, just a few images from my Richmond Marathon experience, which started Thursday morning.

Thursday morning shake out run with Kathrine Switzer & Robin Robinson

Hanging with the woman herself.

Friday morning - Bart Yasso's shake out

Hanging with Barbara and Tina during Bart's run.
Special meaning as Barbara and I met during Bart's shake out
2 years ago.

Another photo op with Kathrine and Roger at the Expo

Shadow selfies with Kit on the Lee Bridge during our pilgrimage run.

A tiny fraction of Team Lemon pre-race

Noodles the thug with her pants hanging low in ling for bag drop off.

With Coach Scott in the corral

On the course on Main Street
(somewhere between mile 17 and 18)

Post finish line hugs, captured by the incredible
Jesse Peters

Mom and me post race. <3
A huddle of happy marathoners.
T, me, Kit, Noodles, and Angela

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