Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Scenes from a Snow Run

We got around 6" of snow overnight in Richmond. This is not a usual occurrence for us; I'm sure you can imagine the mad rush to obtain toilet paper, milk, and bread that happened yesterday before the flakes started to fly.

My work was closed, but I have looming grant deadlines that don't care about snow days, so I spent the majority of the day at my desk. A group of friends went out very early and made first tracks along the trails of the James and I was so envious of the photos that they were posting that I couldn't stand it. I worked even harder and promised myself that as a reward for significant progress on the grant I was writing, I could go on my own snow run at Pony Pasture, just steps from my house.

There's no better incentive than that, let me tell you. Needles to say, I got my work finished and then thoroughly enjoyed my reward.

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