Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Road to Steamtown: Week 16

What a week!

4 runs (including 2 races) for 34 miles
1 mile swim

Running miles logged so far: 523.4
STLY: 506.05

Training highlights:
  • New 5k PR on Tuesday, when I participated in the Amazing Raise 5k. This is a fundraising race where each entrant runs for their chosen non-profit in hopes of nabbing a cash prize for best in age group. I ran for my beloved Richmond Symphony and really made an all out effort. For the first time ever during a race, I felt like I might actually get sick from over-exertion, but I didn't and was so bound and determined to give it my all that it didn't stop me either. Unfortunately, my 23:04, though a PR for me by 2 full minutes, was not a winner in my age group. Turns out I had the women's overall winner (who did an 18:43) as well as the next 4 top women in my age group (lucky me). I finished 6th of 122 in my age group but 10th female overall, which I feel pretty proud about. And did I mention that this was not a flat course? No indeed - very hilly actually.
  • Wednesday featured my first ever twofer. Kit and I hit Riverside Drive in the morning. Along the way I twisted my ankle/foot on the Pony Pasture trails, even though there was no visible obstacle. Being the stubborn person I am, I kept going. (But it only hurts when I'm not running - I swear!). Iced it all day at work and then met up with a gaggle of folks at the Sports Backer's open house run. Marcey and I did a nice little 3 miler, giving me the grant total of 12 for the day.
  • Bonus run on Friday morning 'cause the weather was just too nice to pass up!
  • Second PR of the week at the Philly Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon. Perfect weather, nice course, and made myself a new running buddy who helped me rock out the last 7 miles of this race (featuring two sub-8:00 miles, one being mile 13!). A more detailed race report to follow.

Training lowlights:
  • My problematic and apparently incredibly weak left ankle has got me on edge. I opted not to run with my ankle compression sleeve at Philly because it has a tendency to cut into the bottom of my foot, but I feel like I need some kind of support for Steamtown. So... I'm not exactly sure what to do. I meant to go grab an AOS ankle brace at the local medical supply store to test it out before this weekend's scheduled 20 miler, but I haven't had the time and already logged this week's miles (meaning no test run before Saturday).
Other than that, I'm feeling incredibly strong and confident about the marathon right now, which is great. Bonus that the weather has suddenly turned into fall and thus far, the week's runs have been my favorite kind - crisp and cool.

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