Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Road to Steamtown: Week 7

We're halfway there having just finished week 12 of 24 official weeks of training.

4 runs for 29.6 miles
1 mile swim
Running miles logged so far: 282.5
STLY: 243.6
Training highlights:
  • Feeling more and more like a real swimmer these days (as opposed to a amateur flailer). I've been feeling very comfortable with my pattern of alternating 200 yards of free style with 200 yards of breast stroke and decided that it was time to up the ante on the free style. So, this week I swam repeats of 300 yards of free and 100 yards of breast stroke. And guess what? Though it was a bit harder, it still felt good. Additionally, one of the "master swimmers" invited me to join their group, which does work outs on M/W/F mornings. I said I was extremely flattered because I am anything but a "master" swimmer, but I'd think about it - only if she would teach me how to do the elusive flip turn.
  • A fantastic runner I would consider a Sister from Another Mother joined us for our Wednesday run and I know I've found another great running buddy and kindred spirit.
  • Despite mounting concerns that my foot was going to break in half during Saturday's long run, it went rather well. The 14 whizzed by in no time at all and my cardio is presumably so in shape right now that I never breathed hard. Not once. Waking up at 4:30 am to get there in time to add 6 to the team's scheduled 8 at 7 am was not fun, but we survived. And I took a very long nap when I got home.
  • On Sunday, I led the Summer Donut Dash: Dixie Donuts edition. We had nice, overcast weather and a fun group. The 5k wound through Byrd Park, where lots of tidbits of Richmond history were shared. I had been concerned that Byrd Park wouldn't be the most interesting area to run in (historically speaking) but thankfully, it turns out I was wrong. I found a plethora of fun facts that even lifelong Richmonders in the group didn't know. Guess we are doing something right!

Training lowlights:
  • Like I said, this was a tough week. Our test run of the Dixie Course on Monday felt like death, even at a 9:00/mile pace. Thank you, 100% humidity.
  • Swelling and continued discomfort in my foot really had me freaked out to the point that I ditched speed work on Monday, opted for an easy pace for Wednesday's 7 miler in lieu of tempo, and considered not doing the Saturday long run at all. When I arrived on Saturday morning, I was in pretty low spirits and confessed to T that I was convinced that it was going to break during the run. It bothered me on and off throughout the 14, but being the stubborn runner that I am, I just kept going. My theory is that if it is going to break, I'd rather it just do it full on rather than mess around with a maybe-stress-fracture.
Given all of the drama and anxiety surround my stubborn appendage, I have made the decision to take off from running this week. When I announced this to Husband on Saturday evening, he looked at me like I had lost my mind. He keeps asking me every night, "So... are you running tomorrow?" because he expects me to change my mind.

So far, I've held true to my word. More on that in a later entry.

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