Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Road to Steamtown: Week 6

3 runs for 21.5 miles
2 swim sessions; 1 mile each

Running miles logged so far: 252.9
STLY: 219.5

Training highlights:
  • ... Ummmm ...
  • I managed to finally get two session of cross training in.
  • Post long run Sugar Shack trip with some fellow Team Midnight-ers (?). The best part was the donut, but almost as awesome was when we all stood up from our spots on the sidewalk and saw this:
Team Midnight was here

We all found it quite hilarious. (You know you're a runner when you think a butt sweat print is funny and not totally disgusting.) It was a great bonding moment with some Team Midnight newbies and as I drove home, I thought to myself how grateful I am for the experience of MTT and our every growing running family.

Training lowlights:
  • Thanks to continued irritability on the part of my foot (will it ever end??), I opted to not do tempo work on Wednesday and did "easy" trails instead. On that run, T tripped on a railroad track and busted her knee wide open (but thankfully not her face or head). She wound up with three stitches and a tetanus shot; I wound up with a serious case of guilt since I had picked the route. In true T fashion, after the fall we dusted her off, slapped on a band aid (my car was conveniently parked nearby for a planned on SAG), and she ran 5 more miles.
  • Thanks to continued irritability on the part of my foot (yep, I just said that again) and a sudden case of light-headedness, I did not add any mileage to the team long run on Saturday. Steamtown Contingent was supposed to do 13 and as you can see I did just 11. I'm glad that I didn't because this was the extremely challenging and always-dreaded Riverside Drive route. It was so miserably hot and humid that pretty much of the ladies in the Edge of Midnight pace group ended up going #fullonBarch
I don't look quite as pale in black and white, right?

This foot thing... yeah. I don't even know. I talked to a teammate who own a local running store about it on Saturday during the run. I asked if maybe it was a shoe problem and he said that often when people have pain on the outside and top of the foot, it is because of tension in the calf. He advised me to use a stick on my left calf, looking for a lump or knot in the outside of muscle. Sure enough, I found the lump and rolled the heck out of it, only to be rewarded with a super sore calf and foot the next morning.

So good news is that I think it is all stemming from my left side being just stupid and tight (piriformis hurts too lately - surprise surprise). Bad news is... everyone on my left side hurts. I'm strongly considering headed back to Dr. Cutter so that I can get back to Steve and get my SI checked out, but things are just so crazy right now for me that I don't have the time to deal with it. I guess I should, before I have no choice.

Ah, the boneheaded runner.

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