Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Road to Steamtown - Week 4

I'm late. Things have been just a little bit crazy lately.

4 runs for 27.95 miles (seriously... .95???)
1 mile swim

Running miles logged so far: 209.6
Same time last year: 170

Training highlights:
  • First ever REP RVA Running Food Tours Donut Dash on Sunday was a hit! And so much fun! Really looking forward to the Dixie Donuts edition on July 20th.
Photo credit: Random lady in the Sugar Shack parking lot!

  • Speed work on Monday went rather swimmingly.
  • A huge group showed up for a very very sweaty Wednesday mid-week run. Afterwards we took a smiling group picture and then I suggested that we all express how we REALLY felt about running 7 miles in 95% humidity.
Photo credit to GB

  • Team Midnight post-run mimosas and brunch social on Saturday was an awesome time. The amount of food that showed up was quite shocking. Also shocking was the fact that a post-run mimosa is in fact pretty refreshing and not sickening.
  • On Sunday the Steamtown Contingent (+ Husband) celebrated our teammate Lauren, who made it through hell month and survived taking her boards. The fact that she juggles med school alongside being a fantastic marathon runner is awe inspiring. We all headed out to the Swift Creek Reservoir on Coach Shawn's boat where we spent the afternoon eating, swimming, and just relaxing. It was the perfect way to spend a beautiful summer Sunday afternoon.

Training lowlights:
  • Can't think of any, other than that my foot is acting up ever so slightly. This is interesting given that apparently this very same week last year was when my foot flared up big time and I had a complete nervous breakdown and took a week off of training. Last year it was related to that glass in my foot; this year I think I just wore high heels for one too many days in a row last week.
I have SO MUCH to write about - especially the Donut Dash! - but things have just been insane lately (oh hey that's the THIRD TIME I've said that this post) and I'm trying to keep swimming for now. Maybe I'll find time this weekend.

In the meantime, I hope everyone has a great 4th of July. Personally, it's my favorite holiday so I'm super excited.

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