Friday, June 20, 2014

The Upside

Not long ago, we (myself included) were all grumbling about how cold it was and how TIRED we were of freezing our butts off.

Now, as part of the human condition in which we perpetually can't get no satisfaction, we are all complaining about the summer time heat and humidity (myself included).

Many of you who know me are aware that I am not exactly an optimist and have a propensity toward sometimes maybe being a little bit of a whiner.

I would say I'm a realist who simply states facts.

At any rate, I'm trying very hard to not whine about the hot, humid, miserable weather (otherwise known as summer in central Virginia) and instead think about all the reasons why summer running is awesome.

Here's what I've come up with.
  1. MTT (duh)!
  2. Summer morning runs are pretty much the only chance I stand at getting something of a tan. I'll take it - even if it is an uneven runner's tan featuring dark arms, chest, and back accompanied by semi-dark legs from mid thigh to ankle. Keep in mind that "dark" for me is more like "what most people call pale."
  3. If I can survive running in this crap all summer, Steamtown will feel like a picnic in October.
  4. My butt doesn't go numb from cold; an occurrence I always found very disturbing during the winter.
  5. Sprinklers have suddenly become magical again. Running through them makes me feel like a kid and I love it.
  6. Nothing in life is more satisfying than a post-miserable-summer-run Gatorade.
  7. My summer running wardrobe is far more extensive and fun than my winter one.
  8. Post-run icy pops are almost as awesome as Gatorade and just as nostalgic as sprinklers.
Anybody have any other happy thoughts about summer running?

Also, since it is Friday and I won't ever get enough of Mo Farrah Running Away From Things Memes, enjoy!
The one that started it all: British graphic designer Luke Harvey's
My personal favorite - can't beat the original.


  1. 1. Summer running clothes are cheaper than winter ones.
    2. I get more sweaty which makes me feel like I worked out harder, which makes me feel like a total bad ass!
    3. The days the humidity is low are extra magical.
    4. No freezing thighs.
    5. An ice bath does not seem so daunting.

    That's my 2 cents! See you Sunday! :-D

    1. Ooooh good ones. However, when I get sweaty and nasty I just feel disgusting, not like a bad ass. Maybe I'll work on that!

      Here's to hoping tomorrow is considerably less humid than this morning was. =)

    2. Yes I only feel like a bad ass while I am still running. As soon as I am finished I run straight to the shower!

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