Monday, June 23, 2014

The Road to Steamtown - Week 3

3 runs for 23 miles
1 mile swim
11 miles biked

Running miles logged so far: 181.65
Same time last year: 165

In checking back in my journal from this time last year, apparently week 8 (which is what I'm technically in) was the week that I broke my foot in during my first failed attempt at marathon training.

Didn't even think about it this year. Hoorah for progress.

Training highlights:
  • Continued success in the pool, as I'm now really getting the hang of alternating the side that I breathe on during free style. This has been particularly challenging for me, so I'm stupidly proud of myself. Now if only someone would teach me how to do the fancy turns at the end of the pool maybe it wouldn't look like complete amateur hour when I'm in the lanes.
  • We made the hill from Tredegar up to the Capitol our bitch on this weekend's long run. Sorry for the vulgarity but really, there is no other way to describe this accomplishment.
Training lowlights:
  • (Boys, avert your eyes.) For the first time ever, I had to stop during Monday's run because of cramps. It was horrible and I thought about turning back, but after a brief pause decided to soldier on (because dammit, I'm not letting anything as silly as a uterus hold me back!). I ended up feeling better during the second half of the run but wow... that first part was terrible. I realized with horror that Steamtown is dangerously close to that time of the month and all I can do is pray to God that it doesn't end up falling on the same day. If so, I am screwed. Just one reason why guy runners have it easier than us women.
  • I don't remember why now (sad, as it was only on Friday), but for some reason I decided to get back on the bike this week... and was promptly reminded of my deep hatred for the bike. Definitely my least favorite form of cross training.
  • Although Saturday's run was successful, it was also brutal. The weather was overcast (thank goodness) and the temperature was relatively low, so we were all in the mindset of "Oh this won't be so bad!" What we forgot about was the humidity - which was at 95%. Dis. Gusting. The photo below was taken during our one mile "warm up" - before things got ugly. I'll spare you the ugly picture from the bottom of the overpass at mile 10. We took these to send to our teammate Lauren, who was doing her long run solo at home in Massachusetts.
I declare GB to be the King of Running Selfies
Safety tip: When taking running selfies, it's important
to have a spotter so you don't plow into a telephone pole
or other sidewalk obstacle.

This week marks the official start of the FIRST training period, which means from here on out it's speed work Mondays followed by tempo Wednesdays.

Full steam ahead!

... (like how I did that?)

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