Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Don't Forget! Summer Donut Dash - Sugar Shack Edition

So you guys, I don't know if you heard (honestly, if you live in Richmond I don't know how you haven't heard), but Sugar Shack is riding a HUGE wave of publicity right now.

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First, they were named one of the top ten donut shops in the country by USA Today.

Next up was National Donut Day - on which the owner's wife went into labor and ended up giving birth to a baby boy on June 7 - just barely missing a National Donut Day birthday.

THEN they celebrated the Leigh Street location's one-year anniversary on June 10.

To top it all off, they were recently involved in a crowd source effort that got the Foo Fighters to come play a previously unscheduled show in Richmond, which received national news attention from the likes of Rolling Stone.

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Basically, Sugar Shack is tearing it up right now - and you should get in on the action by joining us for the completely-accidental-but-awesomely-timed Summer Donut Dash - Sugar Shack Edition 5k fun run this Sunday!

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Credit - Tanya Bartek
Because all of this publicity has led to sell outs and long lines, we are going to purchase assorted donuts for our group ahead of the run. And because it is so darn hot (though Sunday's forecast is ever so slightly cooler), we are offering iced coffee and water in lieu of hot coffee.

Katie and I have been studying up on our Fan District history and have a lot of fun facts and information to share. We've practiced on some willing guinea pigs and I think it's safe to say everyone has learned something new about the streets that they have run hundreds of times before and are now armed with trivia with which to impress their friends.

So please think about joining us this Sunday! We'd love to have you. All of the details can be found on the Running Food Tours! Tab, or simply email me at reprva at to receive registration forms and payment info. We'll take registrations until this Friday.

In the meantime, stay cool and hydrated - and save your sweet tooth for Sunday.

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