Friday, November 8, 2013

Very Funny, MTT

Our last group training run of the season is tomorrow. I'm trying really hard to not think about it because it makes me really, really sad.

Anyhow, the last run is a "surprise/adventure/costume" run. I just visited the website to print the route.

Here's what I am greeted with:

Final Group Run

At Boulevard, go toward the James River
Turn left at the street with the same name as a famous palace in London
Right on a street named after the related monument on Monument Avenue
Left on a street with the same name as a line of British Monarchs (also a county in VA)
Turn at:  n., A small shrub bearing smooth skinned, fleshy edible fruit with a single hard shelled seed.  Genus Prunus
Left at the only east/west street in the fan with a man’s name
Right at the street with the same name as the tree cut down by George Washington
Enter an area with the same name as an area in Los Angeles
Find the graves of three presidents
Return on the street named for a small red fruit
Right on a street that has the same name as an elementary school near Byrd Park
Left on a street named for what they used to give winners of the Olympics in  Ancient Greece 
Left on the street with the same name as the inventor of bifocals. 
Right on the street named for a grassy pasture
Left at the spiciest corner in town
Turn on the street named for a street name, away from the River


Anybody who knows me (and particularly, anyone who has tried to get directions from me or has made the mistake of allowing me to be the navigator on a running route) knows that street names are not my strong suit. Shoot, I can't even tell you the name of the street that you turn on to access my neighborhood... and I drive on it at least twice every single day. 

There's a good chance that it is going to take me longer to figure this out today than it will take me to complete this run tomorrow.

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  1. Enjoy every minute of it tomorrow, for you and me! Sorry I'm not there to enjoy it with you.