Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Spectacular Spectacular!

Have you ever been on a run that you just didn't want to end?

One that made it feel like everything is right in the world? 

That was this morning for me. I am still on the high. My favorite route, my favorite season, perfect weather, and mind-blowing scenery. 

Enough with the words.

Here comes the sun

We ran past the finish of the marathon.
I'm trying to visualize it.


From the Floodwall. <3

The posse.

So, so grateful.

Never have I wanted so badly to play hooky and just keep running. We all wanted to stay out there forever today, exploring the trails along the James and relishing in the joy of the unstructured run. After all of these months of every workout having a specific goal and plan, I needed today to take a moment; to be reminded that while the marathon is the goal for me right now, it is not the reason I run. 

I do it for days like today, when being out there makes me feel eternally blessed and grateful for everything I have. When I get this overwhelming feeling of happiness and peace that I never want to end. 

When we finished up, Kit said, "No matter what else may happen, this will be a great day." And he was right. 

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