Monday, October 7, 2013

Richmond Marathon Training Take 2 - Week 18

Just like that, I'm 75% of the way there. Three Quarters. Only 25% left. Six weeks until the big dance.


3 runs for 30.5 miles
2 miles of swim

Running miles logged so far: 409.55

Training highlights:

  • Speedwork on Monday went really well.
  • Frighteningly enough, I'm getting used to waking up at 4:50 am on Wednesday and don't mind running 10 miles before work. 
  • Both of my swims were great and felt too easy - I'm thinking about adding 200 yards this week. Maybe...
  • Getting to unexpectedly run with Team Navy on Saturday, which was both a highlight and a...
Training lowlights:
  • Saturday's run was incredibly difficult. Last week we had something of an Indian summer here in good old RVA which meant helloooooo heat and humidity. For some reason, putting in 3 extra miles with Kit, Teresa, and Greg before the official team start seemed like an ok idea. By mile 12, we were all regretting that decision big time except for Kit, who, being his usual super-runner self, seemed fine (of course). It was very warm, about 72 when we started and 80 when we finished and humidity levels were hovering in the high 80s. After weeks of being spoiled by spectacularly perfect cool fall mornings, this was quite the slog.
  • Cancelation of the Wilson Bridge Half. I'm now on the hunt for a mostly flat Spring 2014 race that I can PR the crap out of. If anyone has any ideas, let me know. I can't do my usual (Shamrock Half in Virginia Beach) because I'll be playing Bridesmaid to my Sister In Law that weekend. 
  • My feet are swelling. A lot. The worst day was Thursday, which wasn't even a running day. By the end of the long run on Saturday, they were not only swollen but also felt terrible. My right arch was especially painful. So I did what every runner does the second their feet start to hurt - I blamed my shoes and went to Road Runner Sports directly after the run to obtain new shoes. Then, I iced them.

Hydration Belt Status  - this subject area is being retired. 

Gold star of the week:
  • Coach Shawn, for helping me surprise Husband on our anniversary by lending us his boat so that we could arrive to our anniversary dinner at the Boathouse at Sunday Park by boat. It was pretty darn cool. Based on our previous week's conversation about junk food, he even provided two Quarter Pounds (which made me laugh every time I looked at them), some brie, and crackers. Perfection! I said to Husband, "See, sometimes it does pay off to have a wife who is a crazy runner."
  • The organizers of the Wilson Bridge Half, who handled the postponement with amazing efficiency.
I think this week is going to be rough. Yesterday my feet were still hurting. Against my better judgement, I did speed work this morning and it was absolutely the worst speed work session I've had. Not sure whether that's because of my tired legs and achy feet or because of the 90% humidity I was running in... probably a combination of both. 

Of course this would happen during the lead up to my first 20 miler (gulp). I don't think I will be able to do it in my old shoes, so I have to run on Wednesday to break them in. But part of me wants to not run on Wednesday since my feet hurt.

In good news, a cold front is coming through as I type, which is bringing back the fabulous running weather.

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