Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Richmond Marathon Training Take 2 - Week 17

3 runs for 30.25 miles
1 mile swimming
11.5 miles on the bike

Running miles logged so far: 379.05

Training highlights:

  • Joining the Baltimore Pacemakers running group to get my long run in on Saturday while I was in Baltimore for a wedding. More on that in a later entry.

Training lowlights:
  • On Thursday, I decided to hit the stationary bike again after a long hiatus. I was quickly reminded of why I hadn't biked for so long. Because I hate it.
  • Continuing on the theme of cross-training suckage, my swim was also not fun this week. The pool jets were turned to the max and it was pretty much like swimming upcurrent. In other words: exhausting.
  • I am feeling pretty sad that I wasn't with Team Navy for the 20 miler. Selfishly, because I can't say I'm a member of the 20-miler group and unselfishly, because it would have been really fun to be with my other teammates who were accomplishing their first 20-miler. We've run so many miles and hit so many milestones together that I feel like I really missed out on the comraderie.

Hydration belt status:
  • Four months after obtaining my iFitness hydration belt, I finally used it. And I really didn't like it. At all.

Gold star of the week:
  • Coach Shawn, who, in the absence of my running sensei Kit, slogged out the nearly 11 miles with me at 6:00 am on Wednesday. He even kept with me even after I made a wrong turn and accidentally added mileage. We talked junk food (Pop Tarts and McDonald's!), Vietnamese wedding customs (he carried the pig!), cooking, crazy injuries, and of course, running. Couldn't have asked for better company at the butt crack of dawn on a Wednesday morning.

This week I'm hoping to run the Wilson Bridge Half Marathon on Sunday, but because of the a-holes in Washington who can't figure things out, it appears that the race might have to be canceled (most of it is on National Park land). 

I guess if it does get canceled, at least I'll save some money since Husband is also furloughed. Again. 

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