Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Things They Don't Tell You Part 2

I think it is high time for another edition of Things They Don't Tell You about marathon training.

1. You will voluntarily wake up at 4:50 am. You will then voluntarily run nearly 11 miles before work. You will voluntarily admit that you have most definitely gone off the deep end.

2. You will start adding bread to all of your pre-long run meals. Already eating a big bowl of pasta on Friday night? Better eat half a loaf of baguette too... just in case. Or better yet, just eat the whole thing. I haven't hit the wall yet, and I'd rather not find out what that's like so bring on the carbs.

3. The words "I only have to run a half marathon this weekend" will come out of your mouth. While you are talking to a non-runner. They will look at you like you are a nut job. They will be right.

4. This one if for the ladies (look away, gentlemen). Marathon training will really screw up your cycles. It will be late, it will be early, it will be painful or it won't, it will be short, it will be long... it will basically become a guessing game. Oh, and if you are like me and always have an insatiable appetite during the week before you can look forward to being completely ravenous 24/7 for a week straight.

5. On days when you don't run, you will need to do something with your excess energy or you'll feel like you're going to bounce off the walls. I've washed my car, the siding and front porch of our house, and gone on cleaning binges inside.

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  1. Number 3 is crazy. Six months ago, I was training with the hope of finishing my first half. Now I'm running one every week. Crazy.