Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Richmond Marathon Training Take 2 - Week 15

A bit of a mediocre week (not surprising given my mood last week).

3 runs for 26.6 miles
1 mile swim

Running miles logged so far: 313.2 (It feels like many more than that to me!)


  • I don't really feel like this week had highlights or lowlights... it kind of just was. 
  • The 5 miles of speedwork on Monday, the day after the 18 miler, was not a good idea. It felt ok while we were doing it, but by Monday evening my legs were done. I felt tired for the rest of the week.
  • My "Divas" Weekend with Marcey was GREAT... except for the race part. The DC Wine Country Divas Half Marathon was a bad experience from the minute we entered the packet pick up until the minute we drove away post-race. The organizers have already been ripped a new one all over their Facebook page, but I'll add my own two cents in a race review later this week.
  • Until this week, marathon training had seemed like no big deal or change to my regular routine. This week, I was tired and starving 100% of the time. And for the first time, I didn't feel like running or cross training. I just wanted to stay in bed. No rest for the weary... the training cycle marching on to November 16...
  • That being said, after an incredibly challenging half marathon on Saturday during which I nearly PRd (and if you take away the extra .2 miles on the course, that I did PR), I feel more confident about being able to do this thing in November.
  • Why is there always an extra return in between my first bold heading and my first bullet when I use Blogger? It really annoys me and I haven't been able to figure out why I can't get rid of it. GAH!

Hydration Belt Status:
  • Unchanged. Starting to think this thing was a big fat waste of cash.

Gold Star of the Week:
  • Marcey, for being a great friend and for rocking out a PR of her own on the Divas 5k course.
We look happy, but inside we are fuming.
At least we looked good, right?

This week I've already completed Monday's speed work (it was a b*tch too, I must say) and a 1 mile swim today (which was way easier than my last one). Tomorrow evening I am going to accompany a good friend as she does her first ever 5k, so I'm really excited about that. 

Saturday is a 19 miler with Team Navy.



  1. Is it bad to comment first on your outfit? Because it's seriously cute. You are doing awesome! Keep it up.

    1. Haha no and thanks! I have to thank YOU for the schwings - I saw them in your post from a while ago and had to get some. This was the first race I wore them for and whenever I felt like walking up a hill I would look down at my feet, see the schwings, and thing "No. You have wings on your feet, dammit, and you AREN'T WALKING."

      I swear I didn't make that up.

      You are likewise doing great. We will both kick butt at our marathons this year!