Monday, August 12, 2013

Richmond Marathon Training Take 2 - Week 10

To say this week was an improvement over last is an understatement.

3 runs for 22 miles
1 mile swim
11 miles on the  bike

Running miles logged so far: 192

Training highlights:
  • Glass ejected from foot; foot no longer hurts.
  • Great return to the run with Kit on Thursday morning.
  • Swam my first ever official mile on Wednesday.
  • Had a great time volunteering at the Moonlight 4 Miler on Thursday evening.
  • Hit my mileage goal for the week

Training lowlights:
  • Saturday's MTT was definitely the worst long run of the cycle thus far. It was hot, it was very very humid, and there were no clouds to take the sun out of the equation. Therefore, it was pretty much miserable for lots of us (not just me). To add to my own misery, my thighs were extremely tired from the 11 miles of biking I'd done on Friday. Note to self: do not bike the day before the long run. Ever. Again.

Hydration belt status:
  • Unsullied.

Gold star of the week *New feature* :
  • Kit, for waking up early on a staycation day to come run 7 with me, even though he had just run 7 the day before.

This morning I dived right back into regular training mode by picking up where I left off with the FIRST program - which is apparently what ever other runner on the planet calls Run Less Run Faster. I did miss one session of speed work last week, but this morning I met with Greg at the "track" of a local elementary school where we did a really great speed work session.

The weather has been disgusting here for the past week to ten days. The humidity was so thick this morning - 91% when Greg and I met at 6:30 am - that it felt like I could cut the air with a knife. I'm looking forward to the cold front that is coming through tomorrow, which will bring in some pretty fabulous weather with highs in the upper 70's to low 80's through Sunday. 

Thank goodness, because this Saturday's MTT run is sixteen miles, which will be my longest ever run, and I honestly don't know if I would be able to do it if the weather was a repeat of this past Saturday's. Luckily, the forecast right now is "few showers" with a high of 76 and low of 66. I'll take it.


  1. Damn! You’re pace is awesome (8:45 for your “worst long run”). I got murdered trying to do 10 miles on a trail Saturday and ended up getting lost, running out of water, and bonking again. I still don’t know how you manage without carrying water. You’re a running machine for sure. I can’t wait to see your marathon times. You’re killing it.

    1. Well... 8:45 is not ENTIRELY truthful because it doesn't include water stops and the 5 pauses that I took during the last 4 miles... that's my moving time. And it is probably part of why I felt so terrible!

  2. Jill is doing the Run Less Run Farther! I need to get that book. I'm all about running 3 days a week. This team i'm on has us running everyday and I'm already feeling achy, unlike before!
    emma @ a mom runs this town . com

    1. Haha yes! I believe Jill is using my frankenstein plan that combines MTT with FIRST, which I shared with her a while ago. I really like it and don't think that my running is suffering at all thus far or that I am falling behind other MTT members who are running 5 days a week.