Monday, June 10, 2013

Richmond Marathon Training Take 2 - Week 1

Just like that, 1 week down, 23 to go.

3 runs for 15 miles
11 miles on the bike

Training highlights:

  • No drama during Saturday's 6 miler with the training team.

Training lowlights:

  • Prabir's OMK (old man knee) basically falling off during our run on Wednesday (National Running Day). He had to cut out at mile 4 and I finished up on my own. This is how we felt about it:

I made him promise to go to the doctor and get that darn knee fixed.

This week calls for 18 miles and 5 of those will be happening with That Guy With the Beard, which I'm super super excited about. I also might hit up Hatha Yoga at the YMCA on Thursday evening. I had been planning on returning to yoga last week, but open wounds on the heels of your hands make it Downward Dog a little bit of a challenge.

Also, only 18 miles? So far, I'm running less than during these first few weeks of Marathon training than I had been just running for the heck of it. Guess I should enjoy it while it lasts, right?


  1. The weather forecast just keeps getting hotter for Wednesday. Hopefully deciding to run those 5 miles near the ocean will provide some relief from the currently projected 91 degree temps. Should be a good time…but definitely going to be a hot one. See you tomorrow.

    1. I too am stalking the weather channel forecast... right now it says 50% humidity and 88 degrees in the afternoon. As long as it's not super muggy, it'll be hot but tolerable. And afterwards I plan on jumping directly into the pool at the house (taking shoes off first of course haha). You can do the same!!