Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pool Thoughts

I hit the pool again this morning because now in addition to the pain in my butt, my foot decided to start hurting last night.

Let's not talk about that anymore.

I reported in my last swimming-related entry that swim helps me focus, but this morning I realized that I might be wrong about that. It is true that when doing my laps, there are considerably fewer random thoughts zipping through my brain. Instead of the barrage of 438502 topics that I visit during a run, I seem to settle in and focus on three things when I'm swimming laps

  1. Look straight at the bottom of the pool, Kathryn, or your neck is going to hurt.
  2. I really hope that all the body hair on these men who are sharing the pool with me has better staying power than my Italian Husband's. Oh who am I kidding... I'm sure I'm swallowing 584520 hairs right now and that really grosses me out. Ugh. So disgusting. I feel sick.
  3. What lap am I on again?

Always these same three, every time.

The more I focus on #1, the more my neck hurts. 

The more I focus on #2, the more I feel like vomiting.

The more I focus on #3, the sooner I seem to finish (weird, right?).

I'm not sure which is preferable - the 438502 topics that come and go in 5 seconds or 3 topics on repeat.

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