Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dust Yourself Off

As it happens, I had to dust myself off and get right back to it today. I had the Run Like a Girl 4 Miler to run with Marcey and Sheila - the third year in a row - and I wasn't going to let yesterday's spill stop me. Admittedly, getting my running top with built-in-bra on was kind of a challenge (God bless poor Husband, who has not only been dressing my wounds but also myself), but once I was dressed and bandaged up, I was ready to go.

This year, the organizers of Run Like a Girl made significant changes to the race. It still took place at Pocahontas State Park in Chesterfield County, Virginia, but this time the course was 4 miles (instead of an 8k) and in a completely different location. All in all, I thought it was a positive change.

+ Nicer bathrooms
+ Parking was much closer to the staging area
+ Staging area was nicely laid out and located in a horse paddock (not kidding; sans horses) and no longer in a marshy field at the bottom of a long staircase and next to a body of standing water (hello mosquitos)
+ Better corraling of runners. Groups were called one at a time and taken down a trail about 100 yards to where the actual Start was. It helped keep the corrals organized.
+ Course was on what I am assuming were wide equestrian or fire trails, covered with either a shallow layer of sand or gravel.

The course was supposed to be "easier" but I'm not really sure if that's the case. Previously, the first mile or so of the course was on narrow, challenging, and hilly trails. Not the case here - trails were wide but I feel like the inclines lasted longer. When I compared the elevations from my Garmin last year and this year, last year we gained 40 more feet (is that a lot? I'm not sure... I don't really know anything about elevations). Here are the charts:



So yeah... I don't really know if the course was that much "easier" when it comes to hills. I also have no idea what those spikes are in the elevation chart from this year. Any guesses??

Anyway, given that I had run 7 miles the day before and was full of open wounds, I wasn't going to push myself during this run. I was just running to run and enjoy the time on the trail, which was actually quite relaxing.

And of course, to have some fun with Marcey and Sheila.

I pouted about my wounds for one second.
I particularly love how the sun bean is
hitting me in just the right spot here. Ha!
(photo credit: Sheila?)

Marcey was in a bit of a funk so I had to slap it
out of her.

(Totally staged slapping btw)
Sheila headed to the finish

Marcey about to round the corner to the finish
Did I run a PR today?

Do I care?

I'm just glad that I got to hang out with a bunch of awesome women who aren't above a silly pose.

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