Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Difference

The professional photos taken of me during the Shamrock Half and the Monument Avenue 10k are so amusing because they clearly show the difference between a runner who is d*cking around and a runner who is on a serious mission.

La-de-daaaaa... oh hi photographer!
How bout a thumbs up?

Beast mode.

For the first time ever, I ordered the overpriced photos from Marathonfoto - three total from Shamrock. Here are the other two:

Pre-race, freezing to death in the corral as we waited for the delayed start.\
We fake happy well, don't we??

Post race medal-biting PR celebration.
And damn those Marathonfoto people, I'm strongly considering buying my 10k boss photo - mainly because for the first time ever I look like a real runner on film.

Our post-race official photo is also pretty amusing.

Do you guys buy race photos? 

To this point I have resisted, but lately it's been hard because mine have actually been turning out so well.

But I assure you, I also have bad race photos.

You can plainly see my love for the run in this photo, right?

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  1. I have purchased only one because I wanted some kind of running photo for my blog sidebar (and because I run alone, it was my only option). But normally I cannot justify what seems to be wildly exorbitant prices for less than flattering photos of myself. You’re right though. You look like a running machine in your 10K shot. I’ll be trying to PR my 10K next month, which should be easy since it took me almost an hour to run my only previous race of that distance. Happy weekend to you.