Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring In My Step

Today, spring finally arrived in Richmond. I could not wait to get out of the office and lace up my shoes.

I have been waiting for the days to get longer and the weather to get nice before heading out for my most favorite Richmond running route. I haven't been on this route since the day that I broke my foot and have been waiting for the perfect day for it. Today was that day. I took my time, playing the part of running tourist and snapping photos of my favorite vistas and features of this route.

Forsythia blooming along the Canal Walk.
My favorite thing is the neon yellow runner approaching

Mural eyes

Climbers on the ruins of the 1882 James River Bridge

One of my favorite spots in this route because I get to do exactly
what the sign is telling me to not do.
I'm such a rebel.

Windblown but happy on the flood wall with RVA
on my shoulders.

And the best part? I ran into Katie (Marathon Winer/RVA Running Coach) while crossing the 9th Street bridge and we got to finish up the tail end of the run together. Now that she's back in the RVA, I'm looking forward to more regular runs with her.

Oh, and today I checked the forecast for the upcoming Cherry Blossom 10 Miler and you'll never believe what it says:

I'm pinching myself. Here's to hoping it sticks, because right now that is some perfect race weather!

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