Friday, April 26, 2013

Life is Beautiful

Over the past few days, my life has been filled with beauty in so many ways. 

When bad things like Boston happen, it sharpens the lens on your own life to make you realize how incredibly lucky you are. It makes you grateful for things like a morning breakfast date complete with a latte and fancy dill cream cheese for your bagel; new friends who are more like old friends; a gloriously sunny day; riots of tulips; sharing a fun run with one of your best friends; races that involve free beer (even if you don't particularly like beer); husbands who love you even when you have an irrational over-the-phone meltdown; cobblestone streets lined with trees; and watching your best friend realize her dream of motherhood.

Urban Farmhouse breakfast

Italian Garden at Maymont 

Marcey and I at last night's Hardywood Twilight 4 Miler

Shockoe Slip, Richmond

Krystal and her new daughter, Elizabeth
Born last Thursday, April 18

Elizabeth and I

Life - ain't it grand?

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