Thursday, February 7, 2013

Things I Believe Thursday XIII

I believe that 9 times out of 10, it is worth it to just pay the extra for convenience.

I was reminded of this belief this morning, when for the second time this week, I decided to try out a new route to work... a route that doesn't involve taking the Downtown Expressway, which is a toll road and my usual commute of choice.

For whatever reason, this week I got it into my head that I am tired of paying $0.35 every day to take the Expressway in the morning. Being me, I am chronically early in the mornings and therefore taking a few extra minutes to drive through Richmond instead of taking the Expressway isn't such a big deal.

On Tuesday, the route that I attempted dumped me into the middle of awful traffic on Broad Street. I had forgotten that the Legislative Session is in, so that area of Richmond is a disaster in the mornings right now. It took me at least twice as long as it would have otherwise, and I'm sure that I wasted far more than $0.35 in gas sitting in traffic and at the seemingly endless stop lights.

Yesterday I just took the Expressway.

Today I got the bright idea to try to come to work from the south side instead. My reward? Sitting through 5 cycles of the light at the Mayo Bridge and Canal Street. As I sat and watched it turn yellow then red yet again without me going through it, I decided that paying the $0.35 is more than worth it.

I have been reminded of this lesson over and over. A weekend spent painting the kitchen resulted in cries of "never again" from me, and I haven't ever painted anything myself again. I'd rather hire someone who will do it faster and better than I ever could.

Crafting things for my wedding was out of the question. The only things that I made were table numbers, and those took me more than 5 hours. I'm terrible at crafts. It was much easier and more pleasant to pay for everything else to be done for me.

Recently, I got it in my head that I'd make adorable pink whoopie pies for BFF's baby shower. After two failed attempts using two different methods, we are instead buying beautifully made cupcakes. I'm not going to continue to torture myself over whoopie pies. Plus, I'm tired of eating the failed batches of whoopie pies. (Note: the pies tasted good, just didn't look the part - didn't want ya'll to think I can't cook.)

So, a toast to paying for convenience... and being lucky enough to be able to pay for it... even if I am still of the mindset that $0.35 a day is going to break my bank.

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