Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lenten Sacrifices

It's Fat Tuesday, which means that I have been thinking about what I am giving up for Lent this year. 

If you will recall, last year I gave up Starbucks and Lulu.

This year, I'm going for a triple challenge and foregoing: 

French Fries

Soda (mainly Coke, I don't drink anything else)
And, in light of a recent buying binge that I have previously been too ashamed to admit to:

I don't eat that much junk food anymore (relatively speaking...), but Coke and french fries are two of my biggest weaknesses along with cake and wine. I refuse to give up cake or wine because my birthday falls within Lent and seeing as how this year is a big milestone birthday, I'm going to need all the cake and wine I can get to deal with it. 

French fries will definitely be the most difficult. I know how bad they are for me, but I love them and when I get a craving for them, it must be fulfilled. Immediately. This one will be a real test of my will power.

I've given up Coke in the past, back when I still had my one-a-day habit. This year it's not going to be as challenging because I rarely drink it anymore... years of going without during Lent and age have simply made it too sweet for me to consume very often. The most difficult thing about this one will be if/when we get a pizza. There are a few food pairings that I insist upon and one of them is that when I have pizza, it must be washed down with a Coke. Just the thought of drinking water with pizza gives me the willies. Yup... the willies. Pizza is probably not even worth it if I can't have a Coke with it.

Go ahead and judge. It's cool.

Finally, my old nemesis Lululemon. I had been off the Lulu train for a while. In August, I was embarrassed/disgusted with my summertime Lulu gluttony and declared myself to be over it. Then I broke my foot and therefore had no reason to buy Lulu for a few months (not to mention all of the stuff they were coming out with was 100% fugly), making it much easier to resist. 

Then came Frond. I have been waiting for Lulu to release a nice green for years, and they did so about a month ago. I knew it was going to be big trouble for me. First came the gingham print cool racerback.

Then the groovy run shorts...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand this new Pace Tank that I couldn't resist. I mean, look at this thing - it's adorable!!!

Aaaaaaand there may have been some additional purchases on various exchange boards that I am not going to talk about.

This needs to stop because it has crossed into the ridiculous again. So, I purchased the shorts this morning and declare myself finished.

Tonight I plan to go to yoga (!), then treat myself to a dinner of a big FAT order of Wendy's french fries and a big FAT Coke to go with them. 

Anybody else giving up anything for Lent? 


  1. What is the Lulu exchange board?? I'm guessing it's somewhere you can exchange stuff with other people, but I've never heard of them.

    1. It's probably best that you've never heard of them. They are DANGEROUS. But yes, there are a number of groups on Facebook where people buy/trade/sell Lulu items.

      I have spent WAY too much time and money "on the boards" though it is a useful way to get rid of Lulu that you no longer fit into or don't use as much as you thought you would.

      ... or a way to find Lulu pieces that you don't need but think you do...


    2. haha! awesome, I will have to look into this...