Wednesday, January 30, 2013


It is time once again to register for the Monument Avenue 10k. I have been having a really hard time deciding on whether or not to run this race.

After I found out that I was chosen to run the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler (which was totally unexpected), my initial thought about Monument Avenue was that I wasn't going to do it. The Cherry Blossom is on April 7 and the 10k is on April 13. Far too close together for my comfort. If this had happened pre-break, I would've been fine but now I am no longer the throw-caution-to-the-wind runner that I used to be.

But the 10k keeps calling out to me. It's in my Facebook newsfeed, its commercials are on the television, and everyone who knows that I am runner keeps asking me, "Are you doing the 10k?" (To all non-runners, if you live in Richmond and run, then obviously you are doing the 10k.)

To help make the decision, I decided to make a pro/con list, otherwise known as the Do It/Don't Do It Inner Monologue.

Found this gem. God, I loved Daria. 

Do It
  1. It's your only "streak" race. You have run it every year since beginning your journey. Yes, it's only been 3 years, but at this point it's the only streak you have. Do you want to give it up?
  2. You are a runner and you live in Richmond, therefore the 10k is a no brainer.  If you don't do it, you know people will wonder what's wrong with you (even if they never say it out loud). It's just what you do, ok?
  3. Simply put - it's a fun race. Plain, easy, fun. No pressure.
  4. You qualify for a seeded wave this year. You have never qualified for a seeded wave before - how can you pass up that opportunity?
  5. It's only 6.2 little miles. By the end of half-marathon training, you will be conditioned enough to be able to run 16 miles in the space of 5 days. All you need to do is run the 10 miler on Sunday, cross train during the week only, and run the 10k on Saturday. It'll be FINE.
  6. Conversely, if  you get nervous and think 6.2 miles after a mere 6 days after the Cherry Blossom 10 will cause you to break yourself again, just don't run. The race fee is $30... it's not like it is $75 or $100. No big deal.
  7. Stop thinking so much you idiot, and just do it.
Don't Do It 
  1. You are being reckless. Don't know if you remember this, but you are only 5 months gone from a broken foot. That you broke because you pushed yourself too far too fast. You are running a half marathon on March 17 and a ten miler on April 7, and now you want to do a 10k on April 13. Do you want to end up on crutches again... 3 weeks before your trip to Italy, where crutches would decidedly be a disaster?
  2. BFF is set to hatch on April 17. If little Lizzie decides to come early, you will need to be hightailing it to Maryland for the big event. 
  3. Did I mention that you had a broken foot?
  4. Doing Monument Avenue means that you will have effectively filled every weekend in April. And you already feel overwhelmed about April. Is that really smart?
After much dwelling on these items, I have (rashly) elected to register for the Monument Avenue 10k. 

I just can't give up the streak. And I have to stop always worrying. 

There are, however, two caveats: If Lizzie comes early, I won't be running the race. And, if I am experiencing any pain or discomfort after the 10 miler, I won't be doing the race either. 

I am going to blame 50% of this decision on peer pressure. 40% on my own craziness and 10% on advertising pressure. Congratulations, Sportsbackers, you've suckered me in.

Inner monologue says I'm an idiot, by the way.

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  1. This cracked me up! This race is also my "streak" race and this would be my 6th year participating. I asked my husband a few weeks ago if he would walk it with me and he said yes, but then I realized that I will be a month shy of my due date! Yikes! You're #1 reason for doing it is my #1 reason for wanting to do it, but the thought of carrying all that weight with me is scary. Although, I don't think anyone would begrudge a giant pregnant woman for cutting the course short if need be...