Thursday, January 31, 2013

Things I Believe Thursday XII

I believe that this week's weather has been crazeballs.

(Yes, I just typed and use the word 'crazeballs'. Please forgive me).

Borrowed from 98.3 KISS FM
A station that I never even knew existed until right now.

I went from running in the snow last Friday to running in moderate 50s on Monday to running in a 70 degrees-in-January-30 MPH-gusts-wind-tunnel yesterday.

And today it is a 40 degree, 30 MPH wind tunnel.

Craze. Balls.

ALSO! For you Richmond runners who are still waffling on the Monument Avenue 10k, today is the last day to register before the price increase, so get thee hence to the website and sign up. If you aren't there, all the other runners in Richmond will wonder what's wrong with you.

(Just kidding.)


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