Monday, December 31, 2012

The Year In Running 2012

4 PRs

Nine races

Over 600 miles

My first half marathon

3 pairs of shoes

My first running injury

Countless new running friends

3 months on the figurative bench

My first 30 mile week

One new lease on running life

Best race experience.

Running down the 2 hour pacing group

and beating them to the finish line

at my first half marathon.

Best run.

A perfect-weather 5 miler in June with

Siri and Greg that introduced me

to one of my favorite new routes

and a gorgeous side of this city

that I hadn't known before.

Best new piece of gear.

My Brooks PureCadence

Best piece of running advice.

Make friends, join a group, make it social.

Not from anyone in particular, but

something I've picked up and taken to heart.

The difference it makes is staggering.

Most inspirational runner.

I was inspired by all of the ladies of the

Run Like a Girl running group,

who went to Boston

and brought it, even in the hot weather.

And the 80 year old man who I had the

honor of giving a medal to

at the end of the Richmond Marathon.

Sum up your year in a couple of words.

Wonderful, heart-breaking, elevating 


  1. Looks like you had a pretty great year. What were the PRs if you don’t mind me asking? I’m already registered for 5 races this year including the Shamrock. I’m hoping for a much better year ahead than the one I’m leaving behind, and I’m pretty sure I can do that running. Happy New Year. Have fun.

    1. I replied to your comment in my head a few days ago and just realized I never actually put the proverbial "pen to paper..."

      My PRs were:
      Run Like a Girl 8k 44:20
      Wolftrap Run for the Arts 5k 25:05
      Monument Avenue 10k 53:22
      Anthem Shamrock Half Marathon 1:59:05

      The half was also my first soooo it is kind of a fake PR but I still like to count it because I got the sub-2:00 that I had hoped for.

      My crazy self has already committed to 8 races... 2 were deferred entries from 2012 (thanks to the broken foot).

      Running makes everything better - I'm sure you're going to have an amazing year! Any races in Richmond?