Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Return to the Run

Yesterday, I completed a physical-therapist sanctioned and observed RUN.

Yes, you heard me right. For the first time in 72 days, I ran.

It wasn't anything stellar - 10 minutes of 1 minute intervals of walking and running. But it was running and I was so excited that even Steve was smiling ear to ear. He observed me for my first two running intervals and said, "It looks great Kathryn! I can't even tell which one was broken!"

My foot didn't hurt at all but the bad news is that my old ankle pain was back - and with a vengeance. It hurt more during those 5 minutes of running than it has in months. Being a good patient, I told Steve about it and he did some manipulating and icing of the area and encouraged me to start doing my ankle exercises again. Likely it just weakened thanks to disuse and the fact that my left calf has been so tight lately it feels like it's popping off of my leg.

Despite the ankle pain, Steve gave me the go ahead to perform this fun little "run" 3 times in the next week - every other day only and up to 15 minutes if I do not experience foot pain.

THEN he said that at my next appointment (next Thursday), he will give me a return to running plan.


I was so excited when I left physical therapy that I went to the gym immiately and zipped through 35 minutes on the stationary bike. The whole time on the bike I was trying to figure out how I wanted to celebrate my return to running.

Wine or cupcakes? Cupcakes or wine?

Hard decision, but in the end:

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