Friday, November 9, 2012

Marathon Eve

It's finally here- marathon eve.

When I first got injured, I thought that I would want to be as far away as possible from Richmond this weekend. But I changed my mind. I decided that instead of hiding from this weekend, I would embrace it.

Today, I'm focusing on what I CAN do this weekend instead of what I CAN'T do.

I can go help my buddy Greg with his carb loading by meeting him for lunch at Noodles & Co.

I can be a good ambassador for Richmond and a smiling face at the race expo this afternoon, where I'll be handing out bib numbers.

I can go see the Chihuly exhibit and get dinner with Teka tonight.

I can hand out medals (or possibly blankets, but I hope medals) at the finish line tomorrow while wearing this ridiculous hat:

Bad self portraits FTW.

I can wish all of my running buddies (both in real life and in blog life) who are running Richmond the best of luck: Marcey, Caitlin, Greg, Jessica, Katie (Marathon Winer), Christine (These Happy Miles), Allison (Runner In Progress), and anyone that I forgot. You will all rock it and I am so proud of all of you!

I can take my bad mojo away and provide gorgeous weather. If I was running tomorrow, I can guarantee the forecast would not be as perfect as it is.

I can look forward to next year, when I'm determined to rock this marathon myself.

If you are running tomorrow, look for me at the finish. I would honored to give you your medal (or in worst case scenario... your blanket that you won't need because it will be warm).

Also look for me at the Expo today, somewhere in the race bib distribution area.

I'll be tweeting what I'm up to all weekend, follow me @firedancerk8

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