Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Scenes from St. Louis

Whenever we go to St. Louis, I can't help but hum this little song:

"Meet Me In St. Louis" was a favorite of mine before I even met Husband - it just worked out nicely that it happens to be his family's home town too. We headed there last week for his cousin's wedding and enjoyed some brisk but beautiful fall weather before having to cut out trip short because of Hurricane/Tropical Storm/Super Storm/Frankenstorm Sandy.

A boy and his Arch.

I insisted on touching the Mississippi because I never had before -
Husband's reaction: "You know it's dirty and gross here, right?"

Prarie Dogs at the St. Louis Zoo

Love the perspectives in this photo. The Takin were perfectly lined up!

I am also slightly obsessed with the highly-reflective KPMG building

Even the fire hydrants are Italian on The Hill!

Husband hanging out with the guest of honor at the wedding reception.

Showing off our vampire teeth (reception favor!)

And then a nice picture to round things out.

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