Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What Have I Been Up To?

I realize that you guys are probably really sick and tired of reading about nothing but my injury. Even I'm sick of talking about it at this point.

So instead, here's a photo montage of what I've been up to lately.

Husband and I went on a date night to Stella's

Where we completely gorged ourselves on delicious food
clockwise from top left: Mushroom Saganaki (basically mushrooms
and cheese ON FIRE), Stella's Filet with jumbo lump crap and sherry
cream sauce, Tiramisu (made that day by Stella herself), and Lemon Pound
Cake with Honey Lavendar Ice Cream.

After Stella's we went to the RSO's opening night,
featuring my favorite piano concerto ever -
Tchaikovsky's First Piano Concerto.
If you don't love this piece, there is something wrong with you.

I noticed that I am starting to see the bones in my left foot again
(top picture - 1 day after break; bottom picture - 3 weeks after break)

I started a cross stitch. This took me 2 days and probably 2 hours....
at which point I gave up cross stitching.

I received the best thing ever - Football Shaped Oreos - from
my mom, who brought them to me all the way from Maryland.
They taste better than regular round Oreos, I SWEAR.

Then there was this... I officially deferred my registration for the Marathon to next year after
waffling over whether I might instead transfer to the 8k. (HAHA that ain't happening)

But there was also this -
18 miles on the stationary bike and 400 meters of swmming!
Swimming is hard. Really hard. But I'm starting to like it a little bit, I think.

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