Monday, August 13, 2012

Richmond Marathon Training - Week 5

Week 5 is d-o-n-e.

4 runs for 25 miles (1 mile beyond what my training plan called for), 1 yoga class.

Training highlights:

  • A fabulous twelve mile run with Katie (aka Marathon Winer) that included the canal walk, flood wall, North Bank trail, Byrd Park, a stop by the new Chihuly exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and of course Monument Avenue. Unlike last weekend's 11 miler, this run felt great and renewed my faith in myself. When we were finished I really felt like I can do this ("this" being run a marathon).
The Chihuly installation at VMFA

  • A super fun Richmond Road Runner club race on Thursday night with Hot Mother Runner Marcey. The Moonlight 4 Miler was hot and extremely sweaty but another great confidence booster. A year ago I never would have run in those conditions and this time not only did I run, but I completed in 34 minutes - an 8:30 pace. Aside from having a running date with Marcey, the best part was the free ice cream that was handed out at the finish line.

HMR booking it to the finish 

Training lowlights:

  • Earning myself a nice big blister during last week's 11 miler, which then had to be coddled and bandaged for all of this week.

This week is a drop back week and it is a good thing because I'm leaving for a 4 day trip to Key West, Florida on Saturday morning on a 6 am flight. Combine that with 2 after-work appointments and my training week isn't looking good overall. I'm hoping to get in 3 runs including my scheduled 9 mile long run. 

I have been a little bit quiet this past week and don't have a lot of hope that I'll be able to be very active this week... but I'll try, especially given that I joined the grown up blog world this week by purchasing a domain name ( Now I have to do it justice and earn my figurative keep.

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