Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fitting It All In

My unusual schedule this week is resulting in me cramming work outs into some interesting/never before tried spots.

A post-work appointment on Tuesday meant no yoga class for me but I really wanted to do some kind of work out. I opted to join my former co-workers at the Symphony, who have been doing fitness videos during their lunch break. I've never been a fan of fitness videos. When I was in grad school I bought a Tae-Bo video and then tried it once. The results were disastrous but I discovered some important things about myself:
  • I have no coordination, especially for quick moves that require arm and leg motion.
  • I feel like a complete idiot jumping around in my living room by myself.
  • Tae-bo was (and is) not for me.
But I was desperate to get a work out in during my allotted 60 minute lunch break on Tuesday, so off I went. We did one of the Slim in 6 videos. It reaffirmed that I still have no coordination, my upper body strength is pathetic, and that I hate work out videos.

Slim in 6 - more like Sore for 6
Also, please enjoy my sad drawing skills.
It's now Thursday and my hamstrings are still howling at me. Needless to say, as much I enjoyed the company of my buddies at the Symphony, I probably won't be joining them for Sore for 6 again. I just can't engage in a cross training activity that makes me hurt for days afterwards.

Last night (Wednesday), I daringly squeezed a 4 mile run into the hour that I had to kill in between work and a 6:15 pm work meeting. Daring because my legs still felt like jelly thanks to my friend Debbie up there and because I was going to go sweat up a storm and then put work clothes back on and attempt to be presentable for my first appearance in front of this particular group. Luckily things worked out ok. Strangely enough, the only time my legs weren't hurting was during my run and I must not have smelled too bad at the meeting because folks sat (voluntarily) on either side of me and I didn't see any weird faces.

My experience this week is making me a little bit nervous about when training becomes really serious next month. I see a lot more jamming-of-runs into weird places in my future.

But no more work out videos.

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