Tuesday, July 17, 2012

You've Got to Be Kidding

Here's the good news: last night I completed my scheduled 3 mile run at the Y track and my ankle did not hurt.

Well... it didn't really  hurt.

It bothered me a little bit during the first mile, but I'm pretty sure that's because I was trying to compensate for it and running weird. Once I stopped thinking about it and just ran, it was fine.

That whole thing about running being a mental sport is 100% true.

But my happiness about that has been curtailed by the fact that I have caught myself a lovely summer cold.

Husband had this cold last week and since I made it through the weekend without showing any symptoms, I thought I had escaped it. Then I woke up yesterday (Monday) with a sore throat. Commence Airborne and Dayquil consumption. I felt well enough to do the 3 miles at an 8:00/min mile pace, then go home and cook dinner and  bake a loaf of blueberry bread.

I went to bed feeling pretty smug about my superior immune system (or so I thought).

Of course today I woke up feeling much worse than I did yesterday. I've taken more Airborne, more Dayquil, had chicken noodle soup for lunch, and depleted my supply of tissues at the office. I did not even bring my gym bag with me today, as I am going straight home and planting myself on the couch with Jane Eyre, in hopes that rest will be all I need to kick this thing and be able to complete my scheduled 5 mile run tomorrow.

To say I am annoyed with these two set backs is an understatement. It's more like I am extremely pissed off that I am a mere 8 days into my official training and have already been sidelined by my stupid gimpy ankle and a cold that is threatening to put me in bed.

It is far too early in this to get behind.

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