Monday, July 30, 2012

Richmond Marathon Training - Week 3

This was my first drop back week. Here's how it looked:

4 runs for a total of 17 miles.

Easy peasy.

At my physical therapy appointment last Tuesday, Steve scolded me and then gave me some directions when it came to my marathon training plan. I ended up listening to him on 2 out of 3 directives, which for me is pretty much miraculous.

Directive One: Suck it up and run outside. This was accomplished on Wednesday. The other days of the week, the heat index was about 100. Sorry Steve, but I don't run in 100+ heat.

Directive Two: Do not run two days in a row. Check (though this was purely coincidental).

Directive Three: Run only three times per week (speedwork, mid distance, long) with cross training filling in for the 3 mile recovery run the day after the long run, so often prescribed by marathon training plans. Yeah... this one didn't work out so well. Partly because I hate cross training, partly because my ankle didn't hurt so I just ran, partly because I had a late day at work on Thursday, partly because I decided to go see The Dark Knight Rises with Husband instead of going to the gym on Saturday.

Two of three ain't bad.

This week calls for 23 miles with an 11 miler this weekend. It's totally weird to say, but I'm looking forward to it.

Who am I???

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