Monday, July 16, 2012

Richmond Marathon Training - Week 1

Week one has come and gone.

4 runs, 19 miles, one yoga class, and two rest days.

Right now I'm feeling pretty apprehensive because my ankle has decided to flare up big time. I was fine during the long run on Saturday, but that afternoon it started to hurt. I iced it up, but on Sunday it bothered me all day long and resulted in me being in a pretty foul mood.  I spent most of the day like so:

I'm not sure what caused this sudden misbehavior and I'm pretty unhappy about it. My only theory is that the residual tightness in my hamstrings from yoga made me compensate and affected my stride, which strained the ankle.

My PT, Steve, is out (on vacation, I suppose) next week and my next appointment is not until Tuesday the 23rd. I have 23 miles between me and my next appointment. 23 miles that I need to run.

I think I might cross train or take a rest day today, then run Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday this week. We'll see how it goes. The Color Me Rad 5k is on Saturday, and I want to have fun, not be worried about my ankle already causing problems.

Stupid ankle.

I would also like to note that my ankle has hurt a lot more and a lot more often ever since I started physical therapy.

Just sayin'.

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