Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wish List

Recently I've been bitten by the shopping bug. For the most part I've been able to restrain myself to window shopping... which has resulted in quite a long list of gear that I am lusting after.

A white Lululemon Power Y to go underneath
my new pale colored tops.

iFitness belt for marathon training this summer...
I'm going to need that hydration.

Brooks PureCadence. I'm going to need another pair
of shoes for training and I'm reading that these are great
for people who are prone to foot pain but are more
supportive than the PureFlow that I tried.

Athleta Swagger Skort. I've been lusting after this for
more than 2 months now.

A place to hang my medals (especially my Shamrock Half Marathon medal!)

That's nearly $300 of stuff. $300 that I shouldn't spend because in addition to being a window shopper, I've also kind of been on a purchasing tear lately...

A second Under Armour Fly By Mesh Tank

Lululemon Run: Stay on Course tank from the Lulu Exchange.
I have this tank in Glacier Lace and I love it - it's been sold out
on the Lulu site for ages, so I jumped at the chance
to buy this one on the exchange.

Lululemon Deep Breath tank. I have this in black and love it...
like the Stay on Course it has been sold out for a long time.
When a pink one showed up on the Exchange
for only $30 I was a goner.

...aaaaaaand I've been wanted a woven summer purse for a while.
I found this Elliott Lucca yesterday and well... I got it. BUT
in my defense I shopped around and managed to get 15% off
AND free shipping.

Add to this a surprise opportunity to spend a long weekend with BFF in Key West/Palm Beach Florida (and along with it, a $300 plane ticket among other things), and I really need to put the brakes on my shopping spree!

... but I am really going to need that hydration belt. And the shoes.

Oh my. It's a good thing Husband doesn't read this blog.

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