Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Return to the Mat

I skipped out on yoga for two whole months - from February 28 to May 1. I won't even bother with a list of excuses because there are no good excuses. Well... there is one good excuse which is after I fell on Monument Avenue I had a huge open wound on my hand and it would have been impossible to even do plank or down dog, so therefore it was pointless to go to class.

But anyhow, since May 1 I have gone to Vinyasa yoga at the Y every Tuesday night. As loathe as I am to give up one of my running evenings to yoga, it is becoming more and more apparent to me how important cross training is to my run game. When I am doing yoga I feel better all around. I become more aware of my posture, am less tense, more flexible, and feel stronger and more toned.

Last night, our instructor mixed things up a bit with some poses that we had not done in a long time and with some new flow sequences. A few of my favorites:

Inclined Plane. Super challenging to keep your hips up.
Image Source

Intense Bound Side Angle - which I actually managed to bind!
Image Source

King Dancer. I think I managed to get to this point...
but of course I'm probably wrong.
Image Source

Tree pose. Just an old favorite.
Image Source

By the end of class I was so tired that I pretty much fell asleep in savasana. I did not want to move. That means it was a good class.

And then I undid all of that good work by eating a Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich for dinner. At least I got a baked potato instead of fries as a side. And water instead of Coke! That took a lot of will power.

But then we got some bad news on the homefront, so I ate a piece of cake. A big piece of cake with a lot of icing.

Oh well. Back to run tonight... and there is no more cake, so it will be more difficult to sabotage myself.


  1. I just started doing yoga a couple weeks ago. I like the still intensity of the workout. But you can only imagine what my thoughts are when they are talking about all that spiritual new age light crap.

    1. Kenny, luckily it's the Y so they lay low on the new age light crap (remember what that "C" stands for in YMCA).

      It's hard at first but you will grow to love it!