Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Warm Weather Whining

Today is March 14.

With that in mind, please observe the following 10 day weather forecast:

I live in Richmond, Virginia. NOT Florida or Texas or California or any of those southern states where this weather is normal for March.

And now, a warning: I'm going to whine.

I want my 50s and 60s back!!!!!!!

Yes, I realize that I am one of the very few people who are actually unhappy about the fact that we never really had a winter here and that we are apparently skipping over spring too and headed straight to summer.

The thing is, I like winter. For a lot of reasons, but two major ones being I hate to sweat and therefore, I love to run in the cold. I live for October through April (normally) when I can go outside and run without completely soaking my clothing, clogging every pore on my body, and smelling like... well... sweat. The warm weather also means that all of the trees and grass are budding, which means allergies, which means that running outside can result in a sneezing attack that lasts for the rest of the week. Fun times.

This year I am going to try  to condition myself to start to not absolutely hate every minute of an outdoor run that takes place in 70*+ temperatures. Today, for instance, I've been trying to talk myself into doing my short 4 miler outside even though the forecast during my running time is calling for 77*. Most of me wants to just say screw it and go to the indoor track at the Y, with its wonderful climate control and allergen-free atmosphere.

But I won't. I know that the only way to get used to running in warmer weather is to do it. So even though I hate it and dread the though, I'll go ahead and sweat my butt off tonight.


Does anyone else hate to run in the warm weather too? Am I the only weirdo who wishes winter lasted longer?

Spring, can't you just wait your turn? Just give me a few more weeks of "winter". I'm not ready yet.

In other news, I loved this month's issue of Runner's World, the "weight loss special." Mainly because of this photo associated with an article about how to lose weight while running:

Haha look - she's being chased by my two favorite food groups:
fried potatoes and cake! 
 I literally laughed out loud when I saw this photo. The article is full of great advice, most of which I definitely don't follow (for instance: Don't use running as an excuse to then treat yourself to cupcakes and french fries or other unhealthy foods)... yet still I have managed to lose weight. Guess I'm lucky!

Just looking at that picture makes me want a cupcake really badly... I guess the Savannah Smiles Girl Scout cookies that I have stashed will have to do.

The Races + Places section of this issue was also exciting as it featured a race that is near and dear to my heart - the Monument Avenue 10k!

Which, of course, takes place right here in little old Richmond. It's so exciting to see this great event featured! It's like the streets that I pound week in and week out are now celebrities!

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