Sunday, February 19, 2012

Self-imposed Exile

"Don't be one of those stupid runner people," warned my mother when I talked to her on Friday.

"Mom, what do you mean, 'one of those stupid runner people'?"

"Don't keep running and end up really hurting yourself."

Well folks, nothing shames me into good behavior faster than being admonished by my mother.

So, I decided to not run again until Monday. That meant three whole days off. Actually, it really only meant that I would skip the 5 miles of tempo run that Training Plan called for on Saturday morning. But still, the prospect of three whole days off made me feel like a failure.

I found lots of ways to distract myself this weekend. Without further ado, here is a pictorial representation of my weekend.

If the foot is better, I've got 4 miles scheduled tomorrow with Prabir. Right now it is snowing, so that could impact tomorrow... but then again the high for tomorrow is going to be 52 and any snow that falls over night will probably be history by the time I'd be setting out. If worse comes to worse, I'll be back at my favorite place, the indoor track at the Y.

For now, I'm going to go hang my heels off the stairs to stretch my foot and enjoy the two hour finale of Downtown Abbey while the snow falls.

Any snow where you are? 
Does a shaming from your mom still work on you?

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