Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Longest Non-Race Run Ever!

And I just want to say again that plantar fasciitis can kiss my gluteus maximus. I ran 9 miles tonight and my arch does not hurt at all. Ha!

Like the title says, this was my longest ever non-race run. I was pretty nervous about it, not because of the distance, but because of how my stupid foot has been behaving lately. Once again, the weather was amazing for February - a balmy 65 degrees. Let me remind you that it snowed on Monday.

Welcome to Central Virginia, the land of bi-polar weather.

Anyhow, Prabir joined for me tonight. He lasted until 8.5 miles, when he had to stop thanks to some serious cramping. I kept going with out him (sorry Prabs). I was amazed at how great I felt - not short of breath at all, my foot didn't hurt. The only thing that hurt a little bit was my left hip. By the end of the run there was a nice breeze going and I felt perfect.

Here's what the mighty Garmin had to say.

You can see where we walked in mile 7 and then paused to
stretch in mile 8, which didn't work things out enough for poor Prabir.

Moving pace is dramatically better than elapsed time.
We hit lots of red lights, naturally.

I'm really really pleased with this run and I'm hoping that I've seen the last of the arch pain for a while.

My new Brooks came last night, but I opted to not test drive them on this 9 miler. I'm going to do that on Friday, when I have 5 miles of tempo work scheduled.

Oh, and my reward for 9 miles? A delicious spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy's.

Sorry this entry wasn't very entertaining... we are currently tied with Northeastern, a terrible team. We are playing like crap and we just went into overtime. Ugh! So needless to say, despite the great run, I'm not in a great mood since we are losing to a team that has lost 5 of its last 6 games!

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