Tuesday, February 14, 2012

For the Love

Reasons to love the run:

Crossing the finish line.  Having a reason to buy excessive amounts of Lululemon.  Being able to say "I am a runner."  The insane, winding conversations to be had with a running buddy.  The pure delight in the first bite of an Egg McMuffin after a long run or race.  Feeling like you belong to a club a million strong.  Discovering hidden parts of your city.  Being inspired by the other runners that you meet along the way.  Clif Power Blocks - like delicious fruit snacks for adults.  Weighing less than you did in the eighth grade.  Mid-afternoon "fueling."  Being able to drink a lot more wine thanks to a faster metabolism.  Carb loading.  Getting to travel to new places in the name of a race. Frilly flirty running skirts.  Sparkly BIC bands.  Discovering a whole community of fun, interesting blogger runners.  Knowing that you will never regret going for a run.  Wearing obnoxious neon yellow running shirts.  Knowing what the word "fartlek" means.   It allows for the guilt-free consumption of cake.  Medals.  That moment when you feel invincible - like you could run forever and ever.  Watching your mileage count tick up and up to levels you never thought possible.   Rediscovering your favorite songs as they blast in your ears and you have nothing else to concentrate on.  Knowing that finishing is winning.  Hilariously bad race photos. 

Why do you love the run?

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  1. Definitely the hidden parts of the city! Even growing up here I learned SO much about where things are in the city once I traverse it on my own two feet.