Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Eight Again

Another eight miles with Prabir in the books.

First, let me share my outfit. I've been waiting for the perfect run to debut this top.

The locker room kinda looks like a prison.

Top: Lululemon Run: Stay On Course Tank
Bottoms: Lululemon Groove Biker Short (no longer available)

Let me just say that I love love love this tank. I love the pattern and I love the details on the back (you'll have to follow the link to see that). It was also incredibly comfortable throughout my run.

Anyhow, as expected, the day was beautiful. It's hard to believe it was February 1st. When I left work it was about 68 degrees with a light wind. Prabir was running a little bit late, so after I took my illegal locker room photos I went up and admired the view.

That's the Jefferson Hotel with the tower.
Prabir showed up and we set out. The run felt a lot easier than it did last week, but somehow we ended up being slower than before. Probably because we were making a special effort to take it easy and not kill ourselves by running too fast the first two miles, and we did have to walk a few blocks because of Prabir's Old Man Knee. Here's how things looked.

Hmmmm can you tell when we walked?

I'm including this one because it shows our moving time was actually
a minute and then some faster. 

The only thing that gave me any trouble for the whole run was my right shoulder, of all things. I think I can thank last night's yoga for that.

We mixed things up a bit by taking some alternative streets parallel to Monument - a big deal for me because spontaneity is not usually a part of my behavior. It was nice to have some new scenery. When I get too used to a route, it becomes too easy for me to concentrate on how far I have gone/have left. Generally it's better if I don't know how far I've gone.

Ignorance is bliss.

When I got home there was a delicious bowl of from-scratch Chicken Marsala waiting for me,  prepared by fabulous personal chef husband.

Am I a lucky woman or what?

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