Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Epic. Fail.

I planned today for optimal fueling in preparation for my anticipated 8 mile run with my running partner, Prabir. Salad and soup for lunch. Half a peanut butter sandwich at 3:30 pm. 48 ounces of water. 500 trips to the bathroom.

The weather was beautiful too. 60 degrees and sunny on January 24. What could be better?

I even was able to leave work a little bit early so I could meet Prabir early and get the 8 miles finished so I could get home before 8 pm.

I was actually excited about this run. Thrilled to be running 8 miles on such a lovely day (yeah, that's nuts). And quite looking forward to eating that piece of cake when I got home.

Now imagine my absolute disappointment/rage when I am the locker room of the Y frantically tearing apart my gym bag in search of one very important item that I somehow neglected to pack.


Yes, that's right ladies and gentlemen. My brilliant self somehow managed to forget to pack SOCKS for my 8 mile run. I distinctly remember getting out my favorite pair of Injinjis last night and laying them in the running clothes pile. But somehow they did not make it into my gym bag.

Arm warmers that I didn't need? Check.

Not one, but TWO pairs of gloves that I didn't need either? Yup.

Socks? Nope.

I was so desperate to still get the run in that I actually went up to the desk at the Y and asked them if they had a sock stash. I was willing to wear a stranger's socks. That is how much I wanted to go on this run.

Prabir, being the great person that he is (you'll get a formal introduction tomorrow), gamely agreed that we could do our 8 miles tomorrow instead of today. But I was determined to do something - after all, that darn peanut butter sandwich was sitting in my stomach like a rock and I had to attempt to burn at least some of it.

Running 8 miles without socks was a definite no, but 2 miles I could do. So that's it. 2 measly miles.

As soon as I got home I re-packed my bag for tomorrow and triple checked that I had socks.

Here's to better luck tomorrow.

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